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Grocery Shopping in Singapore – Wet Markets

Hands down, my favorite way to grocery shop while living in Singapore!

My first experience at I.N.A. in Delhi was definitely memorable and my second post on I.N.A. pointed out to my readers that I don’t know the difference between a pig and a goat.

I have two very diverse opinions on grocery shopping.  One side of me is appalled by the 100s of flavors and brands of everything under the sun (toothpaste often takes up an ENTIRE aisle!) in a traditional grocery store.  I would rather get a limited selection but know it is fresh produce.  The other side of me is thrilled to pieces to be able to one-stop shop for my entire shopping list and I don’t mind the pesticides.

During my “settling in” program offered by Cartus (which was more like an unsettled morning out with someone who didn’t do their research), we visited a wet market, and my interest in farmers’ market type shopping was again piqued.

Wet markets are very popular in Asia and are called that because of the water used to keep the fish alive, wash the floors and keep the produce wet and fresh.  One difference in the Tekka Market and I.N.A. is that Tekka does not have live animals.  There are indeed butcher shops, some who are cleaning and doing the prep work for you (including freshly mincing the meat while you wait!).

Prices are reasonable, you’ll find some favorite vendors (and it can be such a fun experience to create a “regular” shopping day and befriend the shopkeepers!) and it makes for a fun outing and a two-birds-with-one-stone event since you’ll have dinner ingredients at the same time!


Animal Quarantine in Singapore

We were required to abide by the animal quarantine in Singapore rules for our dog when we arrived in Singapore from New Delhi, India.  The process was so well organized and efficient!

Our SA, an Indian street dog that we adopted when he was about four weeks old, had been in a kennel on the Delhi side for a considerable amount of time before actually coming to Singapore, so when he FINALLY made it to his new home, he was beyond happy!

DSC_2251 DSC_2253



Daily visiting hours at the quarantine station provide some catch-up time for everyone.








The grounds are made available for owners to take their dogs out to play!







Time to come home!

DSC_2402 DSC_2403



GOOD BOY, SA! He still remembers – after all of this time – that he’s not allowed in the kitchen!








Singapore, the early days

After culling my photos to find images for the #worldcolors GREEN edition, I came across a huge number of photos that I took when we first landed in Singapore as new residents as opposed to tourists.

Some of the ones that struck me as interesting enough to share with you :

1.  The stark contrast of the cleanliness of the streets due in part to the daily (Sundays too!)  street sweeper machines.



2. The fact that mosquito fogging is a normal part of everyday life.



3.  Adding to our routine the need to remember the S$1 coin so we can get ice cream right after school on our walk home (Take a look at the flavors!  Durian and Sweet Corn … hmmm … ice cream comes on either wafers or a slice of bread!)



4.  Singapore is the lightning capital of the world.  This is on the outside of our home :



5.  The BIGGEST satellite / cellular (?) dish I have ever seen.



6.  These adorable umbrella signs (even though to me it seems the handle points the wrong way) indicate locations for motorcycles to wait out the thunderstorms / rain.



7.  MERGE.


8. Street Cleaner, v2 (they come every two weeks or so for some deep cleaning, weeding, etc.)



9.  A bit daunting.



10.  In the “Australian / American Products” aisle at the Fair Price grocery store.



11.  Sex In the CityIMG_8054


12.  Need running shoes?




I’ll be back with more photos from our early days in and around Singapore.

How long does it take before you stop seeing the new / different in a new location?

Grocery Shopping in Singapore – Giant

Several friends are considering relocations to Singapore it seems and the number of times I have said “I go to GIant every couple of weeks” in the past couple of weeks equals quite a bit!


The closest Giant to our house is likely in Sembawang, yet I’ve only been to the location in Tampines.

If you ask me, it’s Singapore’s version of Wal-Mart … I’m sure that comparison is subject to debate, but to use the term “Wal-Mart” loosely, I think it applies.





You can accomplish one-stop shopping whether it’s wine, underwear, toothpaste, fresh produce, beef, televisions, notebook paper, etc.



(Photo above : I have NEVER seen so many types of oils … and the rice selection here? INSANE!)


My Giant tip of the day?  Go before 10am!  Most locations open at 8am so if you have the option to go early, take advantage of that!  Also? DO NOT GO ON A WEEKEND!!!

IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7498


(it’s my cart that you keep seeing with the Old El Paso taco kit!)


ALL kinds of chocolate and candy … EXCEPT for Reese’s ??  Hmmm … must go to Sentosa Universal Studios for that!



Remember when I said NOT to go on a Sunday?  The reason I can tell you that is because on my FIRST visit to Giant, it happened to be a Sunday.  2 hours waiting in line to checkout.  TWO HOURS people!  I had no choice as we needed staples on our first night in the new house, but …. sheez.

IMG_7502 IMG_7503


THIS is the look of a teenager who is NOT happy about the wait time.





The carts function here like most shops in Singapore, with a dollar coin inserted to utilize the cart.  My favorite thing about the carts? The moving travelator has grooves so your cart “notches” in!  Genius!

IMG_7505 IMG_7506


I was planning to do a price comparison, but I may have to wait until I have a bit more energy …

IMG_7601 IMG_7602 IMG_7603Do you see anything on there that you can compare prices with?

Do you live in Singapore and have you been to Giant?  Thoughts?