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Diwali in Little India, Singapore

I set out earlier this week to meet up with some neighbor girls to shop for Diwali in Little India,.  Crazy, just the day before Diwali, we thought it would be PACKED!

But I was surprised to find it SO QUIET. It is so QUIET here in Singapore on all levels …

But some things were the same … the ambience of shopping for diyas, rangoli and jasmine was the same. Festive!!

The other same-same can be found at 0:07 of the last video – pedestrian traffic … except that when the man stepped out in front of the car, the taxi refrained from honking. Definitely not same-same!

National Rail Museum in New Delhi, India

Nearly every day on our way to somewhere while living in India, we passed the “Train Museum.”  It was barely 5 minutes from our house and while driving on an overpass, the kids could see the trains down below.  “Momma, Momma, can we PLEASE go to the train museum today?”
National Rail Museum, New Delhi India

[Can you read that?  Entrance fees were Rs. 10 for me and Rs. 3 for each of the kids … grand total of $0.33 USD to get in]
We had kind of forgotten to eat a filling lunch before we left, so we followed the signs to the “Canteen” and had a little snack of chips and lemonade.
The Joy Train looked fun, so we took a little spin [a bit more expensive than the entrance fee … but how do you beat these prices?]

The great thing about the National Rail Museum is that there are loads of green spaces that the kids could just run … it wasn’t crowded … it was so crazy reasonable to experience an afternoon (less than $3.00 USD total WITH snacks) … and it’s SO close to the house!

One of my favorite trains ::


We will definitely be back to the National Rail Museum.  Next time we go, we’ll spend more time in the building that houses the history of the trains in India.  Fascinating and really a cool set of displays!
If you live in Delhi, it really should be on your “must do list”, no matter the ages of your children!  You can even pack a lunch and have a picnic on the greens … bring a blanket!

Must have books and movies about Delhi and India

I am a HUGE fan of the library … HUGE. We are there weekly, and some weeks DAILY.

When we first started discussing this move, I devoured EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. Cookbooks, Guidebooks, Magazine Articles, children’s books, more cookbooks and must have googled a ZILLION different searches.


I’ll be honest … it’s a bit difficult to type “india” into a search box on the library computer and then make the time to wade through thousands of entries. It seems that every book written about India, is simply titled “India.”  My efforts to get the must have books about Delhi and India fell short and I found myself frustrated.

Thanks to the amazing librarians at our favorite branch in our old town (Ohio), we had some new staples in our house.

Reading about Delhi India

In case you are interested and have access to a library, these are worth checking out for kids (and adults alike!) :

India, Patrick Ryan

India ABCs, Marcie Aboff

Colors of India, Holly Littlefield

Food in India, Sharon Kaur

Food and Festivals – India, Mike Hirst

Elephant Dance, Theresa Heine

There have been a slew of adult book as well, but I have to say that I’m not to keen on reading up on the history of India – not just yet. I need to fill in the gaps of the unknown (which is why I loved “Eat Pray Love” so much. I have some missing pieces of the puzzle since I’ve never been there and want to first read all I can get my hands on that tells me what it will BE LIKE.

Some on the list for adult reads:

Holy Cow, Henna for the Broken Hearted and one of my favorites, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.


On to the movies.

Of course, most of you know about Slumdog Millionaire, but I also want to make sure to highlight some lighter movies so that you don’t get to down in the mouth about India.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Eat, Pray, Love


Would you add other books or movies to this list? Let us know in the comments!



Great Expectations, a note about moving to India

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have been immensely blessed by several women who have given me advice, tips, support and all around “You’ll be ok” reassurances.Today, I wanted to share a guest post of sorts from Ellen, of A Reason to Write.Her blog is on my top ten and I so look forward to posts. She has been my sanity as she rapid-fires me lists of what NOT to pack, bullet points on what TO bring and is giving me heads up on so many different levels that I’m going to owe her some SERIOUS lattes and chocolate when I arrive!

Ellen, thanks for sharing your words with the Delhi Bound readers!



The best advice I got upon hearing the news that my family was moving to India was – let go off all expectations. Nothing is a given. Murphy’s Laws are fully enforced here. And extremes are the norm. You will see a beautiful home just around the corner from a slum – literally a slum. It’s sometimes hard to comprehend these extremes. So, I found this advice has been very helpful!

After a (quick) while, some of the things that take you the most by surprise will become so relatively normal that you will laugh about them. Some things will never seem “normal”.

You will visit a monument and you will be in absolute awe of its beauty. You will wonder how the Indian people managed to capture such majesty and splendor. You will relish the stories behind them and share them over and over with your family. But then you will get in the car to go home and you will wipe off your face because you are hot and sweaty and you will feel dusty and dirty and absolutely exhausted. Your legs will probably be very tired, even if you did not have to walk very far. And you will wonder almost on a daily basis why you are here. And on those same days you will find reasons to celebrate that you are here.

Those moments of clarity will come swiftly and they will whisk you away into the amazing adventure you are on. You will soak every minute in.

People ask me all the time – what is like to live in India. It’s hard to explain – really it is. Experience is worth a thousand words – you simply cannot capture all of the feelings you will have on a page or in a picture. Blogging will help you remember the details you do not want to forget – but your life here will hold the real story. How you change and become a different person will capture the essence of living here.

Everyday is different. Every ride down the road is unique. One day you will see an elephant and you will think – wow. And the next day something new and equally amazing will appear. I am working hard to not lose the amazement and amusement by what is different here. There is a magical quality that I do not want to forget.

The school is amazing in many respects. The teachers love what they do. The classes are small. The elementary school principal is spectacular. The children are interesting.

Your children will become global thinkers and more creative thinkers. So will you.

You will certainly feel like a fish whose bowl has been dumped upside down and emptied out of water. You will be amazed at all the places the families here have lived. Many of them move and move and move. I am not sure that is a fabulous thing because my children are getting wings here – but I very much want them to have their roots too.

I cast no stones though. It’s all a balancing act. And clearly some families are better suited to being constantly on the move.

There will be days when you miss your old friends terribly. But you will go to lunch with a new friend and you’ll have a good time.

As I have said to you in emails, I always knew that this would be a wonderful opportunity for my family on so many levels. And even thought there are times when I have to remind myself that it is true, I know that I was absolutely right.