On Seizures and Fighting Fear

Everyone says that the best way to start fighting fear is to learn about the thing that you most fear. Chris Brogan talks quite a bit about it in his book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth and these are some pretty amazing quotes as well: 

[Tweet “Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid? That is the only time.” George R.R. Martin #fiercefocused”]

[Tweet “Knowing what must be done does away with fear. Rosa Parks #fiercefocused”]


Face your Fears

The concept about learning more about that which you fear made absolutely NO sense to me. At least, it didn’t until our dog started having seizures. We adopted him, literally from the street, when he was just a baby (about 8 weeks old) and he quickly became a beloved member of our family. Not one that most would choose, even his breed name meant “lowest of the low”, but he was truly loyal, energetic and adored by everyone who met him.

The first time I got a phone call, I was instantly in a state of panic. He was at the enrichment class we call doggy daycare and one of the staff told me as I drove that she wasn’t sure what happened, but he apparently had a seizure, and it was long enough that she had to physically lay with him on the floor until it stopped, a very long two minutes later. 

I am not sure whether he had any previously or how many more he had since then – out of my presence – but the first one I witnessed was horrifying.

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Top Twenty Podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts are “where it’s at” when it comes to the best way to be productive these days. I have listened to MANY podcasts and have narrowed it down to my top top favorites to share with you today.

Top Podcasts Naomi Hattaway

You can listen to them while you’re running (MUCH better than the hyped up playlist of BPM over 120) or while waiting in the car pickup line at school. You can stick one earpiece in while grocery shopping and laugh in the produce aisle, much to the other shoppers’ chagrin, or simply tune out while eating your lunch or while you get ready for bed.

I give you, the top twenty podcasts you should be listening to:
What'Cha Growin Podcast with yougrowgirl.com
What’cha Growing with Gayle Trail

Graham Norton BBC Radio

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Satellite Sisters News Talk and Laughs

Satellite Sisters

Chris Brogan and The Owner's Mind

The Owners Magazine with Chris Brogan

Freakonomics Radi

Freakonomics Radio 

Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields

Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative

This American Life

This American Life

Seth Godin Start Up School

Startup School by Seth Godin


How she really does it


Wait!  That’s only THIRTEEN!  Where’s the rest?  That’s where YOU come in!

What is YOUR favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments and we’ll create an even longer list of the top podcasts of 2014!

Virtual Happy Hour and Mango Margaritas

I am SUCH a crazy mad woman when it comes to community. It really should be my middle name. Although “Naomi Community Hattaway” wouldn’t roll off the tongue very well. Anyway.

At lunch recently with the Husb, I told him that our new goal in life should be to find friends that we can grow old with. We have loads of amazing friends sprinkled all over the world, but I mean ones that we can go have mango margaritas with at lunch when we are 75 (true story from today at Red Lobster. I should have taken a picture of this crew … they were precious!) or meet up for the matinee showing of the latest movie when we are 90.

I miss after-school happy hour with my girlfriends in Delhi and Singapore … and miss my Binkies & Beer with the ladies in Ohio (not to mention coffee mornings and Dinner Delivered with the other mamas) … and don’t get me started on my small tribe here in Orlando that is always up for gettin’ into some kind of trouble.

My online tribe is gaining traction though and pulling up the rear with a strong “we’re here too!” and I’m so excited to be participating in a Virtual Happy Hour and Mango Margaritas with Regina of By Regina and Maru of FashionyFab. Those that are participating are sharing some tips via video, pouring a cocktail, and then watching the other videos. I’ll have red wine, please?

Each month features a new topic and I’ve chosen this one:

Virtual Happy Hour with By Regina


Now … this is the SECOND video I’ve done for the blog and while it’s not perfect, it is pretty authentic AND super streamlined as I did it in one take. Also? What’s up with the time lag on the audio and the video? Weird. Anyway, take me as I am, friends, stuttering over words and looking off-camera WAY too much! I give you, “Five easy ways to get our blog ‘show ready'”

Virtual Happy Hour from Naomi Hattaway on Vimeo.

What do you think? Next month, I wont’ be rushed and will try to use less “ums” and definitely won’t get up halfway through to adjust my clothing (awkward?)

(bonus points for noticing my awesome foreign coin jewelry … blog post coming up about those!)

Check out our hosts’ blogs for some great stuff : Regina from By Regina and Maru from Fashiony Fab and the other two gals participating, Brooke and Jennifer 


Do you have any tips for getting show ready, whether it’s a house on the market or a blog?



Why I Volunteer for Habitat For Humanity

I’ve written about Habitat for Humanity before, but I wanted to jump in for quick post today to tell you just a bit about why I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

You can learn all about this organization on their website but if I look back at all of the volunteering I have done, Habitat is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences, hands down.

Whether you volunteer in a ReStore (SUCH a great concept) on the build site, you are immediately flooded with a feeling of having really done something great. If I had to choose, it would definitely be the build site, because where else can you ladies hang shingles, use a nail gun, or even lay tile for a day, and then return to your normal life, having done something … concrete … to help another individual and their family? Habitat believes strongly in offering a hand UP and not a hand OUT. I’m proof positive that the Habitat system works, and if you find yourself with an available day in the near future, challenge yourself to give that time to a deserving family.

Thank you to those who supported me in my Womens Build 2014 with Habitat for Humanity Orlando. With your support, I was able to stake my place on the team, and help Sharell Leo get closer to her dream of having those keys.

Habitat for Humanity Orlando

We were both featured on a news segment that I wanted to share with you. Note: there is a slight “oops” as my oldest is 19 and not 21!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


What is so special about THIS build is that her house was constructed, from the ground up, by an entire team of WOMEN from all over Orlando. They raised the walls, laid the roof, hung the drywall, painted the dang thing AND sodded the yard. The lot the home was built on was a beautiful donation from a family who determined to give back … by donating property. They were present at the key ceremony and tears were shed as the matriarch of that family handed the keys to the new owner of the property.

I was honored to have been asked to speak at the ceremony as well and it was so amazing to see the hope and light in Sharell’s eyes. She is one fantastic woman and her family will be an amazing addition to that community, as they lay down roots and really make a house a home.

One last push to encourage you to make a difference in someone else’s life. You don’t have to know what you’re doing (they will teach you!) and you don’t have to commit long-term! Most local Habitat for Humanity offices allow for just one day of participation, but I won’t be held responsible if you get hooked and go more than once!

Where is your favorite place to volunteer or to give to?