Make a Difference Holi Party

Recently, someone got a hair-brained idea that turned into an afternoon of loveliness, fun and memories.

Sally called and asked “What would you think about hosting the Make a Difference (MAD) students at my house for a last minute Holi party?”  Within short order, we had the colors ordered AND delivered, drummers at the ready, snacks, juice, and an invite to all of the students was extended. The Make a Difference Holi Party was on the calendar!

Our family was already pretty “Holi-d” out as we’d attended lots of festivities and gatherings already, but the kids were up for adding another party to our list.

A group of the MAD teachers gathered outside of the area where the students live and walked them to the lawn of the Roosevelt House (where the Ambassador of the United States to India lives with his family). The afternoon was so much fun — watching our students interact with each other while having FUN (instead of just sitting at desks and learning English), and the opportunity to introduce them to my own family was wonderful.
Holi Colors Lloyd Lauland Delhi

Image Credit : Lloyd Lauland

Holi Party

Image Credit : Lloyd Lauland

Colors were flying, the drum beat was infectious and the smiles were huge (which means during Holi that teeth quickly turned all sorts of colors!).

Holi Party Make a Difference Delhi Embassy
Mad Holi 2
Mad Holi 3
Mad Holi 4
Mad Holi 5
Mad Holi 6
Lloyd writes at India Adventure shared some thoughts about the afternoon.  Jump over there to see his photos, but I wanted to share here some of his perspective about volunteerism and sharing of yourself, your time and your energy ::

While all of them [the MAD students and teachers] were united in the traditional colors of Holi on the outside…………I wonder what the “color” of helping someone looks like………….what does the color of volunteerism look like?, what does the color of “feeling good inside” look like?

I am so grateful that I have been able to play a “supporting role” in the volunteering that Linda and Preston have been doing since coming to India………….I am also envious of them…………and wish that my job allowed me the time to contribute to the betterment of someones life while I am in India……… the meantime, I will have to be content with the small behind the scenes help that I am doing…………I think I need to work on my “inside colors”.

What about you? Are you Making a Difference and working on your colors inside? What are your True Colors?……….Happy Holi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I just loved that.  What say you about whether your “inside colors” match your outer colors? 

Holi Group

Image Credit : Lloyd Lauland

Do you have a desire to help, volunteer, reach out but haven’t made the leap or made a commitment? 

Do you fear you don’t have time, or aren’t sure where to start?