Violence is a MANs issue.

I have some very strong opinions on violence against women, gender violence, misrepresented women, men who have not been raised with morals and values as boys, and women who fail to stand up for themselves.

I want to share something with you that is powerful, but it is long.  Do me a favor and if you can’t hang tough for the whole thing, listen until the 3:10 mark … and then pick it back up at the 10:00 mark.


What do you think? Seriously. Don’t just read this and then close the tab.

Let’s talk about this for a minute. Do you agree with what he says or have a difference of opinion?  I trust us all to have an intelligent and respectful discussion!

Sending Agnes’ boys to school in Kenya

Agnes has done some amazing things for her family and our family and our friends have been able to rally beside her to offer our support.

(If you want to learn more about my mom and what she’s doing in Kenya, visit her site here — she’s talking a lot most recently about Kenya’s elections! Monday is the first big date!)

Now it’s time to directly support her 5 boys and send them to SCHOOL.  They are already attending school, however their fees have yet to be paid.

Won’t you join my family in stepping up beside Agnes and her boys … and committing to give $5, $11, $25 … $50 … to help those boys break their cycle of poverty?  This is micro-financing at its best. This is real time BRINGING your money to the table, slapping it down and saying “GO and do something with this!!”

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 12.00.28 AM

We’re not asking for 4 donors to pay for the entire kit and caboodle … we’re looking for 100 people to pay $8.  Or whatever amount floats your boat.

As of the publishing of this post, we are only needing contributions for Zach and Tony.  Will you join us?

THE WEBSITE (which has a really cool song!)



School fees $430 (Term 1 = $220, Term 2 = $135, Term 3 = $75)

Pocket money $36 ($12 each term)

Shopping $75 ($25 each term)

Fare $75 ($25 each term)
New shoes, etc $30
Revision books $30
Book bag $10
School trip $15

Tony’s Total $701


School fees $40
Desk $4 (new student)
Shirts $10
Shorts $10
Sweater $6
Shoes $8
Socks $5
Exercise books $6
Pens, pencils, erasers $3
School trip $8

Zach’s Total $100

Can you give up $5 ? $8? $100?