First Necessities … moving checklists

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When you move, you automatically gravitate towards moving checklist, and then tire very quickly of this scene :



Our second-to-last move involved 286 of those bad boys and it wasn’t until the very last international move that we realized the importance of a First Necessities Box.



What’s inside you might ask?

Remote controls for electronics, the batteries that were removed from said remote controls (although what actually happened to us is that they THREW AWAY all of our batteries, which were the expensive rechargeable batteries, but that’s likely something I could spin into a separate blog post).

The nails, screws and other pieces of hardware needed to put items back together.

Stacks of pieces of paper that are wrapped into what seems like a ball of trash, when in fact, inside the very last piece of paper is a random key.

What SHOULD be in that box of First Necessities?

  • Special teddy bears and blankets that you’ll need on those first few nights.
  • Something that reminds you of your last home, spices or candles (if those things are allowed in your shipment).
  • Photos of the friends that you’ve just left behind, as well as a photo of any pets who may still be en route, or in quarantine.

What else? Let’s make a list of what SHOULD be in the box of First Necessities. Leave ’em in the comments!