Heroes Home Advantage, Northern Virginia


Service of our country and community means an awful lot to me!

I haven’t talked a whole lot over here about my new real estate business, but I’m super happy to share with you about the Heroes Home Advantage program that I’ve aligned myself with here in Northern Virginia.

I recently started counting up the HEROES in my family and the numbers were a surprise to me! Because I want to honor them and their service, it is truly awesome to be able to give back by participating in the Heroes Home Advantage program. My husband is a veteran of the Marine Corps, as is his father. My grandfather served in the Air Force during the Korean War and my step-mother is active duty with the Air Force. My mother-in-law and grandmother served their communities by teaching, my father’s uncle is a retired firefighter. Law Enforcement also runs deep with my family with many working as police officers, prison personnel and more.

The only category covered as a hero that doesn’t have family representation is the health care field … maybe I can convince one of my children to go that route?


As a way of saying “Thank You” to the HEROES of America for their services to our country and communities, I give back 25% of MY commission when I work with a HERO to buy or sell a home via the Heroes Home Advantage program.

In addition, I’ve been working hard over the last couple of months here in Northern Virginia to identify Agents (from all over the country), Lenders, Home Inspectors, Title Companies and more to all join with me in giving credit and other discounts when a hero buys or sells a home using my services. I have partnered with the Heroes Home Advantage program SIMPLY so that I can give back to those who have served. Not only does this benefit cover active duty / active employment but also provides amazing services for veteran military, retired teachers, retired police force, and on and on!

The great thing is, it doesn’t cost the hero a thing!

When you or someone you know (who qualifies as a hero, see below) is ready to buy or sell your home, call me at 571-482-7356 or leave a comment and I’ll first say “Thank you for your service.” Then, if you’re not in Virginia, I’ll connect you with an amazing team of professionals to help. If you ARE located in my service area, I’ll jump in with both feet and all hands on deck to help you and your family navigate through your real estate journey.



Military: Active Duty, Veteran, Retired, Reservist, National Guard

Teachers: Current and retired

Law Enforcement: Police Officer, Prison Guard, State Trooper, County Sheriff, Border Patrol, Retired

Firefighters: Active, Retired, Volunteer

Health Care: Doctor, Nurse, Technician, EMT, Home Health Aide, Ambulance, Dispatch, Therapy, Dental



Heroes Home Advantage Naomi Hattaway 

* Realtor credits based on purchase/sale price of home

It’s Not About You, by Bob Burg and John David Mann

I have been reading an average of two business development or personal development books since starting my business in mid-September. That’s a lot of books! Many of them resonated right off the mark and some of them fell pathetically flat. The books that I have found myself returning to, time and time again, are the books by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Easy reads in terms of the number of pages, but powerful lessons to be learned!

It's Not About You Bob Burg Naomi Hattaway

“Life leaves a mark. None of us passes through the experience of our days unblemished or pristine. We all suffer tragedies and dissapointments, struggles and failures. Losses great and small, and every one of them hurts.

We can try to cover it up, although if we do, we just tend to grow bitter on the inside. Or, we can embrace who we are – that is, who we are in the process of becoming. Embrace the hurt and it deepens you, makes you a richer person. Deny, reject, hold it at bay, fight it off, and it simply hardens you.

Character is how you choose to respond to what life throws at you. You can lead only as far as you grow. And you will grow only as far as you let yourself. Character is what happens when life scratches itself onto your soul.”

Looking for a book for yourself? Need a gift for the entrepreneur in your life, or for a future business owner? This is a little book that packs a BIG punch! ——> It’s Not About You: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business.

Have any of you read it?

What business or personal development book(s) would you recommend?



How to Stage Your Home to Sell

When it is time to put your house on the market, your realtor team may bring in a professional stager as part of their commitment to doing whatever it takes to get your house from “for sale” to “Sold”.

How To Stage your Home

We’ve already covered the bases on how NOT to stage your house for selling, so let’s get down and dirty with my top tips on staging your home, without the need for a professional.

How to stage your home

Step One : Remove all art and photos from the walls.

This one may hurt your heart a bit if you’re like me. What I hang on my walls reflects the journeys of our family, things that inspire us and provide our guests a window into the kind of people we are. For exactly those reasons, in order to stage a home for new buyers, these need to go! The purpose behind removing the artwork and photos is to provide a blank canvas – literally – for the prospective buyers to envision THEIR art on the same walls.

Practical Tip : Choose a spot in your garage or in one specific room to stack your artwork. Larger frames can benefit from a washcloth being placed in between the frames to prevent damage and never lay them flat on top of each other, lean them against the walls or closet instead. When you finish a room, make sure to remove nails and/or hooks. Some will suggest you also patch holes, but I’m a fan of leaving that, since otherwise you also have to paint!

Cost : Free

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First Necessities … moving checklists

First of all, let me tell you I’m super stoked about a new feature on the site … you can highlight the good stuff you find here and share directly on Twitter! Try it out … it’s pretty cool! Just mouse to highlight and share away!


When you move, you automatically gravitate towards moving checklist, and then tire very quickly of this scene :



Our second-to-last move involved 286 of those bad boys and it wasn’t until the very last international move that we realized the importance of a First Necessities Box.



What’s inside you might ask?

Remote controls for electronics, the batteries that were removed from said remote controls (although what actually happened to us is that they THREW AWAY all of our batteries, which were the expensive rechargeable batteries, but that’s likely something I could spin into a separate blog post).

The nails, screws and other pieces of hardware needed to put items back together.

Stacks of pieces of paper that are wrapped into what seems like a ball of trash, when in fact, inside the very last piece of paper is a random key.

What SHOULD be in that box of First Necessities?

  • Special teddy bears and blankets that you’ll need on those first few nights.
  • Something that reminds you of your last home, spices or candles (if those things are allowed in your shipment).
  • Photos of the friends that you’ve just left behind, as well as a photo of any pets who may still be en route, or in quarantine.

What else? Let’s make a list of what SHOULD be in the box of First Necessities. Leave ’em in the comments!