eMeals, your ticket to fabulous hot meals on your table

I’ve been thinking a lot about no-fuss meal preparation these days. Since we’re hot and heavy in the process of selling our house, I can’t rely on crockpots or meals that take too long to prepare. At a moment’s notice, I need to be able to clear the counters, rid the kitchen of any food smells and dishes in the sink are a big no-no when potential buyers are walking through.

My favorite go to for help in the kitchen is eMeals – a super simple way to deliver fabulous hot meals to your table, night after night, no matter your schedule or packed routine.


Diverse and varied.

There are FOURTEEN meal plan categories available. FOURTEEN! This is music to my ears. Not pictured because of space is the Vegetarian and Portion Control menu plan.  The only decision you need to make with eMeals is which plan to subscribe to!


Menu Planning with eMeals

Cost savings.

For the ridiculous price of $5 per month, you will receive recipes, shopping lists and they even highlight the weekly savings at specific grocery stores ($58 / year). If that alone wasn’t enough to inspire you to go start your eMeals account today, let me show you a sample shopping list. They are arranged just like the store itself is, so there’s no crazy backtracking in aisles you’ve already visited (which is exactly what happens when I make my own list!)

eMeals Shopping List for menu planning

On the left side, you’ll see that they also give you a heads up on which meals the ingredients are used for, which comes in handy. Often I nix a meal based on our schedule that week or because of dislikes, etc. The numbers on the left side column make it super easy to adjust the shopping list based on the meals I will actually be creating.


The BEST thing about eMeals is that they allow you to change your menu plan (even every month if you’d like to!). Helpful hint? Put a calendar reminder for the 20th of the month and when that reminder pops up, go change your menu plan to something else so that you can continue to ‘bankroll’ the recipes of a different variety. The folks at eMeals are even super generous and when you change your menu plan, you are able to download (instantly) last week’s menu plan from that new category and the current week’s plan. It’s basically free menu plans, if you want to look at it that way.


We have been using eMeals for almost a year now and while I will often replace suggested recipes with our own family favorites or easy standbys, we have yet to make an eMeals recipe that the family didn’t enjoy. I download all of the menu plans and plan to recycle them when the time comes. I have been able to create, thanks to eMeals menu planning, a fantastic digital cookbook without the stress of the actual planning.


So maybe you’re a wizard in the kitchen and you’ve already got the hang of this meal plan thing figured out? Then, consider gifting a meal plan subscription to your favorite teachers, soon-to-be newlyweds or even someone expecting a baby or anticipating a hospital stay and recovery. The options abound and it’s definitely a unique gift idea. (the link for gift certificates is found on the lower left side of the eMeals website).

Once a week, sanity shows up in your inbox!

We are huge eMeals fans and while I haven’t tried all of the plans (i.e. Vegetarian, Low Fat and Natural & Organic aren’t really for us), we definitely have some favorites! Give it a go … I’m willing to be that if you’re on the hunt for fabulous hot meals on the dinner table, eMeals is one of your best choices!

I’m happy to answer any questions you might about the program, if you’re on the fence. Try it!  

Psst, I just changed my plan to the new Kid Friendly option? Looks pretty yummo to me!

Kid Friendly menu plan choice and option from eMeals






Purple Haze : 40 Days in my Drawers




Purple Haze, huh? When I first started doing my research for this piece and subsequent recipe, the only thing that came up was an illegal substance. Yikes!

However, when I went directly to the source of this 40 Days In My [spice] Drawers series, the Spiceologist Spice Block, I realized that it was quite simple a rub … easy!

Purple Haze

SO this one is another easy share. I chose to use this as a seasoning that complemented my daily asparagus and mushroom sautee. It is a sea salt seasoning, but it wasn’t overly salty. Instead it added a spunky sweet flavor that was quite yummy! The Spiceologists also recommend using it as a rub on chicken or corn, but I think next, I’ll try it over baked fish, in place of my normal smoked paprika.

Speaking of salt, what’s the deal with all of the varieties of salt, anyway? Is it just me, or do all of the options confuse you too?

Are you on Pinterest? Come follow my food boards .. which I call Soul Food. I drool every time I go through my pins to find a recipe. Do you have any food related pinterest boards? Link them up in the comments!

Smoked Paprika : 40 Days in my Drawers


Today’s post for the 40 days in my (spice) drawers is a bit apropos as today is the four year anniversary of the day I quit smoking. Smoked Paprika, get it?

Ok, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but it works out perfectly to celebrate my four years of clean lungs and at the same time, share a delicious way to infuse your normal with a bit of punch, without stressing yourself out at dinner prep time.

I started smoking when I was in my early teens and continued (heavily) smoking until 2010. I smoked over a pack of cigarettes per day for more than half of my life. So gross. It was hard to quit, I won’t lie, but I am so thankful that I am celebrating four years today! Cheers!

I can’t remember the first time I discovered smoked paprika but it has been a regularly stocked spice ever since. We sprinkle it on fish, chicken, rub it into beef, dash it over quartered onions (before baking – delic), and shake it on the top of our sauteed vegetables and I must admit, it’s on a subscription order from Amazon just so I don’t run out.

Smoked Paprika has a super warm taste with a hearty, smoky flavor that is hard to replicate with any other spice I’ve tasted. Do you have some in your cupboards? How do you use it? 

Garam Masala : 40 Days in my Spice Drawers creating Fruit Chaat

Since I promised in the blurb about Tandoor Cooking, you’ll be happy to know I’ve since posted the recipe for Chicken Malai Tikka and now THIS  is most likely my favorite. TODAY’S recipe (which so happens uses one of my favorite spice drawer items from my 40 Days series) WILL cause extreme salivation and your taste buds will beg you to make this delicious creation! Actually, to be honest, you may scratch your head after reading through the ingredients, but trust me and TRY this!

I have so much enjoyed experimenting with our new tandoor oven, after the original attempt at cooking Indian back in 2009 hasn’t quite prompted me to continue with the efforts. I find tandoor cooking much more satisfying and somehow MUCH simpler!  Of course, I still haven’t yet tried naan on my own, but I will soon when it’s time to post that recipe!



5 spoons mustard oil (or olive oil if the mustard oil is too strong for your liking)
3 spoons sugar
1 spoon crushed pepper
1 spoon black salt (we use Himalayan Pink Rock Salt)
3 spoons pomegranate seeds (although I always forget to buy these, so …)
1 spoon garam masala
1 spoon kosher / sea salt
1 spoon chili powder (deghi murg if you’re being specific)
3 spoons balsamic vinegar
1 spoon honey

Bell Pepper, Pineapple, Sweet Potato, Guava, Starfruit, Apple (our family simply prefers bell pepper and pineapple)

[Garam Masala is a blend of spices that is strong, but not spicy.  It typically includes black / white pepper, cloves, mace, cumin seeds, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise and coriander seeds]

Mix all of the ingredients together, add the fruit (cut into approximately 1-2″ squares or shapes) and let it sit for approximately 1-2 hours. Thread onto a skewer (using a piece of potato or onion at the end your skewer to prevent the fruit from sliding off) and cook for approximately 10 minutes.


Note : if you have kiddos who might find this too “spicy”, make the following adjustments : Reduce the garam masala to only a sprinkle, omit the deghi murgh or use olive oil instead of mustard oil

 40 DAYS