Relocation Assistance: I think you should do this

I think you should do this relocation assistance thing, she said.

I know, but I’m … for some reason, I’m scared to just say yes.

You’re scared to say yes? You don’t strike me as the type that’s scared to say yes.

I’m not scared, I’m more … afraid, I think?

What are you afraid of?

I mean, I don’t have a leg to stand on, you know? I’m so super new to all of this.

But what are you afraid of?

Well, I feel like I need to have my feet a bit more soaked and entrenched before I jump into the foray of people living overseas and relocation. Or maybe that I need to work with just one family here locally with traditional real estate before I tackle something so big.

But what are you afraid of?

I’m scared of changing my every day so quickly and leaving my family in a tail-spin.

Ahhhh. They know you should do this, and I think you should do this.

This conversation was had over two years ago in January of 2015. One of my fellow networking friends had recognized something shifting in me and was willing to spend some extra time to really push (sweetly and gently) to get to the heart of the matter.

During our conversation, I realized that I was afraid that I would alter – negatively – the safe space that I created in our home. I was afraid that by stepping outside of what I had created, I would remove the availability that I currently offered my children. I would let things slip and certain habits would slide. I was afraid that making this leap towards actively pursuing a career in relocation assistance was going to really be big and impactful and I wouldn’t stay the same person. I was afraid I would intimidate my husband. I was afraid something would end up impacting our roots and we’d end up moving again.

In spending some time recently working on my business goals for 8th and Home and I Am A Triangle, I recalled this conversation.  The past two years have been incredibly challenging. Challenging doesn’t always mean negative, however, and a large portion of what I experienced over the last two years was hugely inspiring!

relocation assistance naomi hattaway

I was first licensed as a real estate agent in September of 2014 and I made a big leap in February of 2015 to join a new brokerage. It was an eye-opening experience as I learned about authenticity, promises that weren’t kept and what it meant to feel free in beginning to reach for my business goals.

When I first decided to pursue real estate, I always knew I wanted to wrap in a relocation component as well. I seek out my connections through a relationship based system and nurture those relationships in a very real and natural way. I do not accept paid leads and I feel strongly about not partnering with any large relocation companies. Having those agreements in place water down my ability to best serve my clients. Each and every time I talk with colleagues who practice in traditional real estate about my aspirations to also serve international / relocation clients, I am met with a quizzical responses.

I know in my heart that there is a big hole in the relocation industry and I know in my head that I can fill it.

The fear and struggle that I felt during that conversation two years ago came from a combination of the knowledge that I can do something big in this space, as well as the honest fear of what that success will mean for my family. I have watched my I Am A Triangle community continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and I watch the same conversations come up on repeat

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that individuals moving with a corporate package of any type, when it comes with relocation assistance, have the right to choose their own real estate agent.

The second thing that needs to be addressed is that relocating a family overseas is a much bigger process than simply a look-see visit and a quick drive to point out the nearby hospital and dog park. It’s also a bigger commitment than assigning a relocation agent to a family who has themselves never left their postal code.

Remembering back to that conversation, where I doubted my abilities and skill set to truly hold court in this space, I turned to my LinkedIn profile to make some adjustments. As I listed out my past volunteerism, board roles and job information, and soon realized that every thing I have signed up for, had a part of, or committed to in my life – in one way or another – matched up to create a vast experience, a beautiful tapestry that says I am indeed qualified.

I have a big goal to assist 50 families in a beautiful match with vetted and tried-and-true Realtors as they make moves to new locations. I have amassed an amazing network of Realtors all over the United States and in some specific locations around the world as well (with that network growing every day). I quickly became known as “the Relocation Expert” and the “Community Builder” in Loudoun County, Virginia and it’s time to ramp that up to a national level, and international past that!

There are three ways you can help me achieve my goals and I would love your assistance!

  1. If you know someone who is moving in the next 4-6 months, I would love a personal introduction to them. If they are located in Northern Virginia, I have an amazing team in place to take good care of them.  If they are located outside the Northern Virginia area, I have a short list of amazing Realtors that will help them achieve their real estate / relocation goals, help them actually enjoy the process, and have amazing representation to boot.
  2. If you know a stellar Realtor (someone that exceeds expectations, is client-first focused and actually listens to client needs), please let me know! We have room for 2-3 names in each major city or town.
  3. If you know of an individual or family who is in the middle of a life “overseas” or in transition from culture to culture, please tell them about the I Am A Triangle community and have them navigate to the Join Our Community page! We’ve recently left Facebook for an amazing platform called Mighty Networks and it’s magical!

Let’s do this!

Heroes Home Advantage, Northern Virginia


Service of our country and community means an awful lot to me!

I haven’t talked a whole lot over here about my new real estate business, but I’m super happy to share with you about the Heroes Home Advantage program that I’ve aligned myself with here in Northern Virginia.

I recently started counting up the HEROES in my family and the numbers were a surprise to me! Because I want to honor them and their service, it is truly awesome to be able to give back by participating in the Heroes Home Advantage program. My husband is a veteran of the Marine Corps, as is his father. My grandfather served in the Air Force during the Korean War and my step-mother is active duty with the Air Force. My mother-in-law and grandmother served their communities by teaching, my father’s uncle is a retired firefighter. Law Enforcement also runs deep with my family with many working as police officers, prison personnel and more.

The only category covered as a hero that doesn’t have family representation is the health care field … maybe I can convince one of my children to go that route?


As a way of saying “Thank You” to the HEROES of America for their services to our country and communities, I give back 25% of MY commission when I work with a HERO to buy or sell a home via the Heroes Home Advantage program.

In addition, I’ve been working hard over the last couple of months here in Northern Virginia to identify Agents (from all over the country), Lenders, Home Inspectors, Title Companies and more to all join with me in giving credit and other discounts when a hero buys or sells a home using my services. I have partnered with the Heroes Home Advantage program SIMPLY so that I can give back to those who have served. Not only does this benefit cover active duty / active employment but also provides amazing services for veteran military, retired teachers, retired police force, and on and on!

The great thing is, it doesn’t cost the hero a thing!

When you or someone you know (who qualifies as a hero, see below) is ready to buy or sell your home, call me at 571-482-7356 or leave a comment and I’ll first say “Thank you for your service.” Then, if you’re not in Virginia, I’ll connect you with an amazing team of professionals to help. If you ARE located in my service area, I’ll jump in with both feet and all hands on deck to help you and your family navigate through your real estate journey.



Military: Active Duty, Veteran, Retired, Reservist, National Guard

Teachers: Current and retired

Law Enforcement: Police Officer, Prison Guard, State Trooper, County Sheriff, Border Patrol, Retired

Firefighters: Active, Retired, Volunteer

Health Care: Doctor, Nurse, Technician, EMT, Home Health Aide, Ambulance, Dispatch, Therapy, Dental



Heroes Home Advantage Naomi Hattaway 

* Realtor credits based on purchase/sale price of home