Leaving Well: Columbus, Ohio

Part of the way our family moves from location to location is that we insist on Leaving Well.  What is Leaving Well, you might ask? Jerry Jones from The Culture Blend talks about Leaving Well as it relates to repatriation (going back “home” after a time overseas) but we’ve modified and added to the concept a bit as it relates to saying goodbye to the PLACE you are leaving as well. If you’re not a book reader but want to watch the interview I did with Melody, you can watch that here.

We called Columbus Ohio home as a full family for just one year. Todd lived there for 10 months before the kids and I made the move, but we packed in some favorites in those 12 months! We tend to make our first stops be thrifts stores, libraries and recently after reading This Is Where You Belong from Melody Warnick, we added “find a local restaurant quickly” to our list of landing well.

So to practice Leaving Well, you simply put the actions in reverse, and intentionally visit all of your favorite places, take photos, reminisce, have one last hurrah, and say goodbye to each place. It may sound silly, but saying thank you to each location or place for the role it had to play in your community building

Leaving Well, the Columbus Ohio version:

MudflatsMudflats was our “Oh hey guys! Welcome back!” restaurant. In Melody’s book, she talks about finding a spot where the staff remember you on repeat visits. We have always done the opposite and tried a variety of restaurants when we landed in a new spot, but we took Melody’s advice to heart and we are SO glad we did! On our third visit as a family, one of the servers said (with excitement and a huge smile) “Oh hey guys! Welcome back!” (it turns out she is a friend of one of our old neighbors, so the connection was super great!). It felt amazing to have a spot where everyone knew us and even got to know our favorite items to order. The Mudflats website says: “Welcome to the Mudflats Bar and Grill! Just like the gathering place that is the Mudflats area in the Hoover Nature Preserve, the Mudflats Bar and Grill is the gathering place in the lively, quaint and growing community that is Galena, Ohio. Stop on by, enjoy excellent food and make a new friend or reacquaint yourself with an old one.”  It was one of our favorite spots . . . truly.


Westerville Library MiaOh how we love the Westerville Library. Shhhh, don’t tell them but I’m keeping my library card active there because they have an AMAZING audiobook and ebook selection. Like, it’s CRAZY. They have a super cool multimedia room for movies, cds AND get this, you can check out ART! How cool is that? Their children’s area is beautifully constructed and well thought out for the littles and their Teen Room is rad. Don’t tell Mia I used that word, she would just roll her eyes! They have a DRIVE THROUGH lane to pick up your books on hold and a coffee shop. It’s one of the coolest libraries I’ve been in, and I’ve been in a LOT! (Little known fact, I used to be employed as a page in the Omaha Library system!)

Cath and NaomiOne morning I woke up to a message from one of my Triangle friends and it said “There’s a small something waiting for you behind the counter of Java Central.”  It was a gift card that Cath had purchased over the miles (she lives in the UK!!!) and the owner of this amazing coffee house kept the card for me and she virtually treated me to many many dirty chai lattes as a thank you for my work and energy with the I Am A Triangle community. Java Central quickly became a favorite and one of the barista’s even turned me on to a delic honey cinnamon latte creation that became my go-to order. Super inclusive of all humans, with live music, plenty of room to sit, have a meeting on the couches in the back and with amazing service, I really miss Java Central. (It was also the location we chose for one of our I Am A Triangle TriCONNECT gathering also, which was fun!! IAAT Java Central

Ok so we may a bit biased since the owners of the delicious Carfagnas lived across the street from us, but if you’re in the area, make this a choice for dinner reservations!  Their story began in 1937 when Saturnino and Nonna Maria Carfagna founded Carfagnas and the family continues their legacy today! Love these quotes:

“Give our customers what they want, not what you want.”
– Saturnino Carfagna

“Use only the very best and finest ingredients and never, never rush.”
– Nonna Maria Carfagna


Uptown Westerville is actually the reason we ended UP in Westerville! Uptown WestervilleMia and I drove through Uptown during a visit to see Todd (as I mentioned, he moved to Ohio 10 months before we did, so we had frequent trips from Virginia!) and fell in LOVE.

I love a good cabernet but I really don’t know what I’m doing when selecting a bottle. Enter Meza Wine. I never asked his name, but one of the employees at Meza is ridiculously knowledgeable and helpful. Plus? They have a community rock painting project which reminded me of Cassia’s Rocks project (if you haven’t already heard that story, click to read. It’s a GREAT story!)

Char-Mar Reserves became my go to for walking. I walked when I needed exercise, I walked when I needed to clear my brain, and we closed out our time at Char-Mar by taking the dogs for long walks during the times our home was being showed to potential buyers. (Expert Tip: if you’re putting your home on the market soon, scout out a nearby place that you can easily scoot off to if you have dogs that need to be out of the house during a showing. Many sellers place their dogs in a room with a closed door, or in kennels / garage but that is highly stressful for the dogs and barking dogs do not make for a great impression for those potential buyers)

Char-Mar Dogs

Finally, we also really loved Chop5. They take customer service to the NEXT level and never fail on that mission. Their employees are literally happy that you’re there and you can feel it!

That’s it for my Leaving Well, the Columbus edition. Do you live in Columbus and have some suggestions that should have been on our list to have loved while we lived there? Do you have a Leaving Well practice for your family when you move to a new location? Let’s chat in the comments!

(p.s. the formatting on this post is wonky and I’m aware of it. I have messed around with it for far too long so I’m leaving it . . . don’t mind it!)

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