How to Stop Unwanted Catalogs in your Mailbox

Want to know of the easiest ways to save money throughout the year?

Stop unwanted catalogs in your mailbox!

Especially as the holidays approach, I find my mailbox is filled to the brim with catalogs from companies I have never heard of, let alone have ever ordered from. I am tempted to let them stack up and think to myself how lovely it will be to take an afternoon one wintery day and browse through them, with a hot cup of coffee. My home is in need of some extra decor and I definitely need warmer boots and some more sweaters. On the flip side, I realize that these catalogs would serve a great purpose in that my children have NO idea what they want for Christmas and the toy catalogs would give them some great ideas.

Or … how about, we put them straight into the recycling bin.

Each time an unwanted catalog arrives, I visit Catalog Choice and quickly enter the Key Code and Customer Number from the back of the magazine or catalog. I choose whether I want ALL mailings to stop or only want them at certain times of the year, and hit enter.

Catalog Choice reduce clutter Naomi Hattaway


Not only do I provide myself with a more enjoyable experience when I walk to my mailbox, but I am reducing waste in the needed paper for these catalogs AND reducing the urge to splurge and purchase things I really DON’T need in the first place!

Use catalog choice to remove unwanted catalogs from your mailbox

How many unwanted catalogs do you receive in any given week’s time?




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