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I am so excited to be talking about some really awesome products in the coming weeks. Some are physical products that I absolutely LOVE and others are digital / course-work products that I also absolutely LOVE.

First up is the Hobby to Hot Rock your Blog Bundle.

Hobby to Hot Rock Your Blog

I have taken the course from Bonnie (who also rocks) and the community she has created around this course is really great. The women who have joined this community, by way of purchasing the course, are vulnerable and have really opened up to each other, which is a cool thing to watch and be a part of.

If you are new to blogging for an income, or feel that your needs to go from stagnant to money-making, the Rock Your Blog bundle is definitely for you.

The best part? Get the blog coaching you want and the support you crave at an awesomely affordable price. Bonnie’s Ignite & Conquer Mastermind Club is guaranteed to be a fantastic experience, which you gain access to when you purchase the bundle for 50% off.  Don’t miss this awesome opportunity. This group is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s for go-getters, movers and shakers and bloggers who are SERIOUS about running a profitable business.

So what ALL do you get for $69?

{COURSE ONE} Learn to Sell Without Selling OUT! >>> A blogger’s guide to creating a real income.

{COURSE TWO} The Ultimate Editorial Course for Bloggers >>> Write what you love and make money with every post you publish.

{COURSE THREE} Quick-Start Guide to Building a Profitable Email List >>> Build a powerful, email list full of readers that LOVE you and your content!

{COURSE FOUR} Create Your Own Information Product A-Z >>> Create a profitable information product from start to sales!

{COURSE FIVE} Content Marketing SuperCharged! >>> Explosive training for explosive, high converting, fan loving readers and search engine love.

{COURSE SIX} Content Repurposing 101 >>> Get more mileage from every piece of content you create. Learn the ins and outs of repurposing. Live life, enjoy your days and relax more often knowing your content is working for you.


The Black Friday sale ends on November 28th. Don’t miss out!




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