Virtual Happy Hour and Mango Margaritas

I am SUCH a crazy mad woman when it comes to community. It really should be my middle name. Although “Naomi Community Hattaway” wouldn’t roll off the tongue very well. Anyway.

At lunch recently with the Husb, I told him that our new goal in life should be to find friends that we can grow old with. We have loads of amazing friends sprinkled all over the world, but I mean ones that we can go have mango margaritas with at lunch when we are 75 (true story from today at Red Lobster. I should have taken a picture of this crew … they were precious!) or meet up for the matinee showing of the latest movie when we are 90.

I miss after-school happy hour with my girlfriends in Delhi and Singapore … and miss my Binkies & Beer with the ladies in Ohio (not to mention coffee mornings and Dinner Delivered with the other mamas) … and don’t get me started on my small tribe here in Orlando that is always up for gettin’ into some kind of trouble.

My online tribe is gaining traction though and pulling up the rear with a strong “we’re here too!” and I’m so excited to be participating in a Virtual Happy Hour and Mango Margaritas with Regina of By Regina and Maru of FashionyFab. Those that are participating are sharing some tips via video, pouring a cocktail, and then watching the other videos. I’ll have red wine, please?

Each month features a new topic and I’ve chosen this one:

Virtual Happy Hour with By Regina


Now … this is the SECOND video I’ve done for the blog and while it’s not perfect, it is pretty authentic AND super streamlined as I did it in one take. Also? What’s up with the time lag on the audio and the video? Weird. Anyway, take me as I am, friends, stuttering over words and looking off-camera WAY too much! I give you, “Five easy ways to get our blog ‘show ready'”

Virtual Happy Hour from Naomi Hattaway on Vimeo.

What do you think? Next month, I wont’ be rushed and will try to use less “ums” and definitely won’t get up halfway through to adjust my clothing (awkward?)

(bonus points for noticing my awesome foreign coin jewelry … blog post coming up about those!)

Check out our hosts’ blogs for some great stuff : Regina from By Regina and Maru from Fashiony Fab and the other two gals participating, Brooke and Jennifer 


Do you have any tips for getting show ready, whether it’s a house on the market or a blog?




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    Great video and advice. I’m going to shine my sink right now. I think being rushed helped you. I didn’t even notice the ums. Nice meeting you!

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by! I need to shine my sink actually … my “headshot” is one from a day out exploring … three years ago!

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    This is so great!! I love how it sort of delves deeper into one of the tips I gave in my video about site design and branding. I also love how you related getting a house show ready to making your blog “show ready”. Hope the house showing went well! So happy to have met you through the Virtual Happy Hour! xo

    • says

      Plus, it’s crazy how a “fancy” blog site that has been done by a pro IS like a house that has been staged … those are the ones we want to “move in to” … not the cluttered, messy ones! So they do go hand in hand!

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    Okay, I can’t say enough how much I love how friendly, comfortable, and fantastic you are through video. I thought all your tips were excellent and ditto on your feelings about black backgrounds and white text for blog posts . . . my eyes hurt.

    I really like point 3, it is definitely the process that I’m (way too slowly) going through right now. I liked your tip of removing expired giveaways and stuff that was just not our best work. I also like that you encourage people to repurpose or revamp certain posts.

    Truly enjoyed your video and your takeaway that potential readers want to feel the same thing when they land on your blog as potential home owners do when you show your house. We need to turn that into a good tweet. Loved it Naomi. Thank you for joining us and I’m even more excited about next month since you’re on the team.
    Regina just shared …How to Use Your Voice on Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      The great part about my video is that I am a hypocrite! I’m “in process” of getting my blog show-ready and I should have TOTALLY said that! Thanks for the opportunity to participate … super great idea to have Virtual Happy Hour. Cheers!

      (Point 3 can be painful! But necessary! Kind of like purging the Paper Collection)

  4. says

    Hi Naomi! I’m so glad we connected through this Virtual Happy Hour. I really liked your video! And you’re so right, your blog is like your home, so everything should reflect who you are. Great tips!