2014 is not the year of the Horse for me

I suppose it’s no surprise that I too will be participating in the “pick a word” phenomenon again this year.

All the cool kids are doing it – or at least so I’ve heard.

I always struggle with choosing just one word. Others find their word quite easily and some even have it pronounced before the past year is even completed.

I chose three words last year – hone, revel and expand – none of which I’ve written about yet – and have chose one big ta-da word for 2014 but with a twist.

Each month, I’m going to focus on a specific “call to action”, a word, a way of being, an intentional practice. Add my big ta-da word to the list of monthly themes and hopefully 2014 is the year of some amazing things happening.

January is going to be focused on “clean up”. I am a pack rat by nature and a multi-tasker (chosen only when used positively … quite often that title only means I do too much and just barely eke it all out). I have too many blogs in my feedly – most of which only serve to frustrate and add to my manic state of “must do”. Our home is a veritable maze of too many half-unpacked suitcases, dishes from yesterday’s dinner and clothes that should have been laundered weeks ago. In plastic tubs, sit half-finished projects and the lovely game room we have now in this new home sits unused, yet full of things that no one remembers are there.

Messy House
NOTE : This is NOT what my kitchen looks like on a regular basis! I pulled this from my archives, and was taken the day our shipment arrived from Singapore.


I have amazing business plans and ideas to grow a community and instill great programs with our local youth. But then I run out of steam. I haven’t watched a movie or tv program in a long time without my laptop open, because I feel like I’m constantly needing to ‘finish this one thing’. Based on a suggestion in a podcast I recently listened to, I attempted to watch a new show (True Detective) with my Husb the other day and promptly fell asleep. I have bits and pieces of things that belong together in three or four different places and I waste far too much time looking for things that are not missing in action, just located in places that I’ve forgotten about.

I crave simple, clean and minimal. 

We’re closing in on the end of the month, but it’s never too late to start. If things go the way I’ve planned, Operation Clean Up will be a great jumping off point for the year (not of the horse variety) ahead.

Do you choose a word for the year? Share it, if you’re willing to? I always love hearing what others are choosing for their motivation.


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  1. says

    I chose the word ‘create’ and fully intend to develop and expand it by writing about it. I actually thought I might get to it today… however that did not happen.