Weekend Whimsy : 20-22 December

Trying something new for the Weekend Whimsy.


First of all, Rachel completely nailed the subject of children and not belonging.

I laughed and laughed as I read this baby’s letter to Santa and then I got instantly teary and reminiscent as I read this amazing and heartfelt tribute to a loved one.

There’s a little bit of a sneak preview to what I’m working on when Kristen mentions her new morning routine and how cool does this look for our littles this summer?

This from Stuart is just … powerful.

Tsh talks practical and Anne talks organized.

Steve shares on leaving and coming and how lovely is this simple decoration for the holidays?


That’s it for my weekend … what’s on tap for yours?

AND … which Weekend Whimsy format do you prefer? Rambling sentences or broken up into easy-to-find sections?



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