Strange Food Offerings in Singapore

Our littles LOVE sandwich wafers. Mostly the vanilla flavor, but the strawberry finds its way into our pantry every so often. These, however? I don’t think so. Durian is a very powerful and not pleasant smell, I can’t imagine what these taste like.



This isn’t a strange food, but look at that price! You’d better REALLY need a Ben & Jerry fix!



Yum. Seaweed flavored Pringles.

IMG_8375 IMG_8376IMG_8573


Need a little sea cucumber with your fish head? No worries!







I have many more photos, but will stick with those … oh! These also … my favorites were the tuna flavors!


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    I love this, Naomi! It’s fascinating to me to see how multinational companies create different flavors for their various global markets. Ib Baku we used to compare different flavors of Coca cola- German formulation is different from Turkish and Iranian blends and most of us had a favorite. Durian anything wouldn’t be high on my list, I agree with you on that one!