Keepsakes, the expat lifestyle and capturing stories

One of the things that frustrated me with the expat lifestyle was the impracticality of having keepsakes with you on a regular basis.

It did not make sense to take the important stuff with us from country to country, so instead we made hard decisions on what mattered most to us.  What you would rescue from a burning house, what you want your children to have that they can pass down to your grandchildren.

Among those things that often got relegated to “leave it behind, so that you can save it forever” are these …

DEC_3908 DEC_3909 summer (137)


I’ve embarked on a story-catching journey. To reach back into the archives of my family’s memories and pull out the moments and recollections of what makes up the history of who we are today. I’ll be sitting down with members of both sides of our family, which in reality means much more than just ‘his side’ and ‘my side’, to start having discussions about favorite recipes, childhood memories and what school was like.

I don’t know where the project will take me, but I’m so excited to start using the keepsakes as prompts to encourage conversations, instead of watching them collect more and more dust.

Who is the story catcher in your family? Who do you love to listen to tell the stories of days past?


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