Fresh Paper : Gifts that Give Back #24



COST : $24.95 for 40 sheets

HOW THEY GIVE BACK : For every single pack of Fenugreen FreshPaper purchased, they donate a pack to organizations like community food banks or homeless shelters, to help THEM better feed those who need healthy produce the most.

WHY I LOVE THEM : If you’re like me, you are TIRED of your fresh produce going bad – sometimes even just one day after purchase. FreshPaper is the solution! Keep your produce fresh 2-4 times LONGER!

Kavita Shukla created FreshPaper after happening upon the active ingredients after accidentally drinking some tap water while visiting her grandmother in India. Her grandma gave her a home remedy – a mixture of spices, which kept her from getting sick. After creating a middle school science project, she discovered a new application of her grandmother’s generations-old home remedy – a remarkably effective way to keep food fresh!


One by one, sheet by sheet, we’re getting closer to “Fresh for All.”