Indian Roti Bread

I did it myself!   

Indian Roti Bread


You will need :

2 cups bread flour

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2/3 cup water

Your supplies are :

One bowl

Flour for rolling

Rolling pin

Pancake Griddle



Adult Supervision Needed :

You will need an adult partner to help you with the cooking part.

How to :

First, always wash your hands!

 Using your bowl, mix together the flour and salt.  Make sure to use your fingers to mix the salt in well.  Add the oil next and mix ALL of the oil into the flour.  It will feel very mushy, but keep working until the flour mixture is crumbly.

Next, mix in the water and again use your fingers to create dough that is sticking together.

Once it is all mixed and you have a big ball of dough, cover it and let it have a rest time for 15 minutes.

Spread some flour onto your counter or table. Divide your dough into 6 equal pieces.  Roll each piece into a ball and then smoosh it flat.  Place each ball, one by one, onto your floured counter and roll out until you have made a flat roti (about the size of a small plate).  You might need to keep adding a pinch or two of flour as you roll to keep it from sticking.

 Next is the part where you will need help from your adult partner.  Heat a pancake griddle or flat skillet on high.  Place the roti on the pan and watch for the bubbles!  As soon as you see bubbles form (approximately 45 seconds), flip the roti.  Cook for an additional 45-60 seconds.

If you have a gas stove, here comes the fun part, ask your adult partner to remove the pan from the heat.  Place the roti directly on the flame and watch it expand into a ball!  Flip to the other side for just a couple of seconds, then remove to a plate.

Lightly spread the roti with butter and ENJOY!


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  1. Frances says

    Roti and chapati are the same thing, and it is what you made in these photos – whole wheat flour, water, salt, usually without oil, no leavening, cooked on a griddle – a daily bread similar to a tortilla.

    Phulka is a slightly thinner chapati, and it’s cooked a second time over the naked flame to puff it up.

    Naan is made with refined flour and cooked in a tandoor. As most people don’t have tandoors at home, it’s a special treat for when you eat out.

    (This is my understanding of the difference – I am sure someone else is reading who knows differently!)