Motorcycles on Sentosa, Singapore

I will never forget my experiences with motorcycles in Singapore. I had thought I’d seen it all with motorcycles in India.  Families of five on the seat built for just two. Helmets on only the father.

But Singapore topped it all.  The massive numbers of workers who flock over the Singapore border every morning to work on the island was staggering. Because we lived near the border, we saw it en masse more than someone who lived in the “City” and it was something to behold.

Many a time I was witness to horrific accidents simply because because the motorcyclists would pull off to the side of the expressway and wait. They would wait because it was 8:57.

At 9:00, the government ceased to charge $0.50 for the ERP (Electronic Resource Planning).  It was then “Free” to enter into the main parts of the island. What was unfortunate is that I was never able to capture a photograph of this, the parked motorcycles spilling into the far left lane of the expressway. Parked in the way of oncoming traffic.

This issue, as well as the prevalence of “blue tents” always left me wondering … how many come in from Malaysia and never come home due to accidents on expressway?

Not my photo, but these blue tents litter the expressway. On average, I saw 5-6 per week.

Singapore Blue Tentcourtesy of Asia One


Then there are these odd citizen-call-to-action signs (again posted most frequently with fatalities noted once you left the City). When we first moved to Singapore, I felt a shudder across my body every time I drove past, but soon they came to be common place.


The signs differ depending on the vehicles involved. Most of the signs I saw placed a motorcycle icon, a body (in a flailing position) and a lorry truck.  Sad.

On merging :


On a somewhat lighter note, there is the issue of whether motorcycles on Sentosa are allowed, the island off of The Island if you will.  It houses Universal Studios Singapore and other resort-based activities.

It’s true, motorcycles are not allowed on Sentosa.

This teensy sign is located on the road just as you begin to cross the water.

Sentosa Motorcycles


And THAT REALLY SUPER teensy sign is located at the toll booth.

and if you are my Husb, THIS is what you get after failing to heed both of those teensy signs.


On an even LIGHTER note, this is a bit cheeky, but does reflect a true issue when it comes to motorcycles and visibility on the road.


Have you ever done something crazy and illegal without even realizing it? Please tell me you have so I can make my husband feel better!




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    • says

      I’m just thankful they had very few motorcycles in Azerbaijan. The cab drivers there made the Italians look like model drivers.

      In Baku it was commonplace to see right hand turns from the left lane, driving across the double yellow lines (into oncoming traffic) to be first at the red light (sure, just make a new lane for yourself, why not? At least the oncoming traffic can see you in their lane so they’ll watch out for you… right!)

      But, I confess, I was just as bad in Germany when the snow fell thick and wet, obscuring not only the painted markings on the road, but also made the street signs look like white lollipops. It was only when German drivers honked profusely that I realized those signs might have said “one-way” (and not my way!) Makes you appreciate countries where driving is an art… where exactly is that again?