Weekend Whimsy : the rambling version 27-29, July 2013

First off, happy weekend!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a SUPER long week.  The combination of anticipation of football / cheer, starting the Whole 30, celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Husb and I (virtually, since he is in Dubai at the moment), doing one last sort/purge before our sea shipment arrives on Wednesday, etc and etc, I’m just ready to chill out with no obligations.


Our little garden has gone from this,



to this


to this (in the span of 30 days)

to do6


We’ve outgrown our containers and it’s time to go back to the garden center to get properly sized pots for these babies!


Josh Pyke is pretty amazing. Listen to this collaboration, filmed in Sydney and New York :



Have you heard about IT ? (use the arrows to navigate – it’s quicker)

Go grab some wicked music for free courtesy of Chase Jarvis.

I think she wrote this JUST for me.


Isn’t this cool? This is the t-shirt that my very awesome brother-in-law created for the students at the Harlem Village Academies, where is the Principal of the Middle School.  He’s doing some amazingly good work (look at this list of Board of Directors? I know, right?)



What do you have to tell me? Anything new you’ve found recently? Something you’ve learned?


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