Strange But True Supermarket Stories

Nikki and I have been talking on Twitter about strange supermarket things … her take comes to you via an Aussie perspective while living as an expat in America.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.33.22 PM.png


First up?  Bird’s Nest Beverage.  What?  You’ve never had that before?




Don’t pay any attention to the tie-dye pajama shirt, and ignore the polka dot rainboots.  Oh, and don’t look at the stuffed lemur on the counter.  Just focus on the instant machine that dispenses mashed potatoes.  Yep, with piping hot gravy!



Need luggage, by chance?



And the best … the flavors of tuna in Singapore’s Fair Price stores :

Hot chilli? Or maybe Ginger with Soy?

Ah, you prefer Wasabi Tuna … well, we tend to like Black Beans and Mackerel, if you don’t mind!

IMG_3027 IMG_3025


If all else fails, go with the Curry Tuna!



This doesn’t quite count as grocery store fodder, but um .. have you SMELLED a durian?  There is NO way I want that flavor in a McFlurry!



(little joke with our family … Durian (ahem) Lingers. THAT it does!




Have you had any strange supermarket experiences?  Farmers market, grocery store, major chain?  Any weird items, out of place things to purchase?


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