Grocery Shopping in Singapore – Wet Markets

Hands down, my favorite way to grocery shop while living in Singapore!

My first experience at I.N.A. in Delhi was definitely memorable and my second post on I.N.A. pointed out to my readers that I don’t know the difference between a pig and a goat.

I have two very diverse opinions on grocery shopping.  One side of me is appalled by the 100s of flavors and brands of everything under the sun (toothpaste often takes up an ENTIRE aisle!) in a traditional grocery store.  I would rather get a limited selection but know it is fresh produce.  The other side of me is thrilled to pieces to be able to one-stop shop for my entire shopping list and I don’t mind the pesticides.

During my “settling in” program offered by Cartus (which was more like an unsettled morning out with someone who didn’t do their research), we visited a wet market, and my interest in farmers’ market type shopping was again piqued.

Wet markets are very popular in Asia and are called that because of the water used to keep the fish alive, wash the floors and keep the produce wet and fresh.  One difference in the Tekka Market and I.N.A. is that Tekka does not have live animals.  There are indeed butcher shops, some who are cleaning and doing the prep work for you (including freshly mincing the meat while you wait!).

Prices are reasonable, you’ll find some favorite vendors (and it can be such a fun experience to create a “regular” shopping day and befriend the shopkeepers!) and it makes for a fun outing and a two-birds-with-one-stone event since you’ll have dinner ingredients at the same time!



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    Naomi- I totally agree about the small, fresh market appeal. You provide a lovely, visual picture of some of the best social aspects of market day that are absolutely missing at the gourmet chain store at the foot of our hill. It’s close but I like talking with the growers and bakers at the outdoor farmers markets on Saturdays downtown on the square.
    Thanks for the smile today! Hope you’re settling in well…