Bits and bobs.

Cracks. Me. UP.



My debut in the Time Out Singapore magazine.


Worth noting, the day I went to the Chinese Gardens, it was pouring and I knew that wasn’t wise for my camera, and I’ve yet to go! 


I guess you might as well just say it like it is?




How cool is this? Love it!




One version of our street cleaners here.




On patrol.




I’ll leave you for now with the Car Lift.  Have you ever been in one? They are genius!




Have you seen anything out of the norm recently?


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    • says

      They ARE fun to collect aren’t they? I always forget to do anything with them though, so Bits and Bobs may be a new feature here :)

    • says

      It is an elevator for cars … they are so awesome! Saves my head from the dizziness of having to go ’round and ’round up the carpark! This specific one was in a medical office building. (How are you!?!?!)