The Animal Planet and the Pariah breed

In our house, we love watching channels like Discovery and The Animal Planet.  I hate admitting this, but I also like watching some of the ridiculous fashion and makeover shows with my daughter.

(Don’t tell anyone.)

On this rainy Sunday, we were all snuggled on the couch watching a show that highlighted the pros and cons of various dog breeds.  They started with the Doberman Pinscher and discussed the history of this “vicious” dog and played up to the specific story of a Doberman owner who had taken the “new breed” to YouTube.  He video taped proof that Dobermans are no longer being bred to be violent watchdogs.  He has received millions of hits on his videos and they ended the Doberman segment with this guy saying “You know, it feels good to let the world know that Dobermans are amazing dogs” (or something like that.)

They went on to feature little white terriers, setters, and other gorgeous dogs.  They set apart each breed based on their life span, discussed their trainability and also covered information like health and concerns to watch out for related to each breed, and ended each mini-segment by giving each dog breed a bit of a checklist that included “ability to function within a family.”

My middle one, who is an animal fiend, looked at me then glanced at our Indian Street Dog (also known as a Pariah) and said “Mom, they probably won’t have anyone representing a street dog so I’m going to record some videos so that people can know about the amazing qualities that THEY have.”

We love our little SA. (S.A. stands for Special Agent and he was named at just 4 weeks of age by our then 7 year old animal lover). He was a rescue from outside of a farm house where his mother birthed a huge litter, but because of life circumstances, many of his litter mates didn’t survive. He has grown into quite the amazing dog.

He epitomizes every bit of the characteristics that are common with indian street dogs :

He is healthy as a horse (only the strong survive and the wonky health issues that are a normal result of human breeding are not present in these dogs).

He is loyal, to a fault. He has adopted this family as his pack.  He behaves differently with my Husb than he does with me. He knows that I run this house and he doesn’t cross me. When the Husb comes home for a quick respite from his work travels, S.A. is as giddy as a lovestruck teenager. He reveres the biggest kid as his equal and protects fiercely the two youngest.

If he is on “our side” of our gated property, you’d better receive permission before opening that gate, or it will sound like he’s going to take off your arm.  If you pass muster however and have the approval of his pack, he will only lick you to pieces.

He (true to the “breed”!) doesn’t like playing fetch or any games that are repetitive and often gazes up at us lovingly after 8pm begging us to please let him go to bed for the night. He sleeps with the littles in the bed that they share and insists on being in the middle, covered up with a blanket and even has his own pillow.


The “first take” of my precious middle child’s video is remarkable, sweet and so adorable. I’ll upload to YouTube later to share with you … BUT in the meantime, I want to know (because he’s inspired me)

WHAT or WHO do you believe in so strongly that you will strive to make sure they/it are represented in the best possible light?


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  1. Tracy says

    Oh boy did this bring tears to my eyes!
    I just adore those street dogs in India and have already forewarned my husband that we may Very well have one of our own once we get settled in Mysore in about a month or so!