Parking In Singapore

You might be wondering if I’m going to write again about those damn red parking spaces, but no worries.  This post is about the amazingly efficient parking garages in Singapore.

When you first enter a parking garage, you notice that everyone reverses into the parking stall.

We have decided that this is partially because it is nearly impossible to pull in FACING the stall as the cement tire blocker is in such a location that the back end of your car hangs out dangerously into the road, and it seems to be a quicker process to pull out of the stall (although it’s kind of a six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other kind of thing) when you’re leaving.

Needless to say, I have struggled with this and for the sake of EVERYONE involved, hope that my learning curve straightens itself out SOON!

For a brief moment, I thought about trying to describe the technique that I’m beginning to figure out, over many futile attempts at reverse parking (while impatient and more advanced drivers waited on me), but this guy nailed the explanation.  If you’re interested in the process of reversing into a parking spot, OR parallel parking when you are driving on the RIGHT side of the car, click to his site.

Anyway, back to the subject matter.  When you pull into many parking garages, you’ll notice these cool lights.  They are either red or green depending on whether the space is available.

Speaking of efficiency, look at these awesome family-friendly parking spots.

I happen to love the painting scheme in most parking garages also.  We’ve noticed that employees are forever painting over the corner barriers so that they look fresh and clean, instead of banged up and repeatedly ran into!


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  1. Naomi says

    Oy … me too on the honking! I have to UNBUCKLE my seatbelt, turn OFF the radio and tell the kids to HUSH to get the reverse parking going!

  2. says

    Such attention to detail! If someone is watching me, it’ll take me at least three tries to reverse or parallel park. If no one is watching, I can do it perfectly the first time in two seconds flat. If anyone dares to honk, I can’t do it at all. Parking performance anxiety. :)